7billionideas is now 8billionideas. 

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New brand, new product, new mission. Same passion for helping your children.

We've rebranded! 7billionideas is now 8billionideas, and has a new mission; giving every child on the planet the skills and belief to change the world.

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We want to teach your child what they don't learn in school, and give them the skills and characteristics that will give them an edge in our ever changing world. We're focusing on three main areas: careers education, entrepreneurial learning, and personal development, including topics such as mindfulness and public speaking.

We're developing a series of online live experiences, courses, and videos that will be available on our platform. Mentoring is at the heart of our platform, meaning your kids will have the opportunity to speak via video call with a trained facilitator from our team at the click of a button.

8billionideas will help your children lead a more fulfilling life and a passion-led career, and even change the world.

Learn more on our new website