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In today's educational landscape, embracing innovation is essential. Our esteemed advisory board guides us in spearheading groundbreaking ideas and propelling progress across the sector.

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Shaping the future of education

We take great pride in our Educational Advisory Board. Formed to encourage us to think and dream big, the Board plays a crucial role in shaping our vision. They are granted early access to our sector-related work, ensuring that we solve current problems and anticipate future challenges.

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Sharing expertise

EAB members get an exclusive look at our latest solutions before anyone else. This is also an opportunity to provide expert thoughts and feedback.

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Accessing events

We bring EAB members together for exclusive webinars and in-person events. This includes one gathering in the UK in spring and one in the Middle East in autumn.

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The Board facilitates connections with top education leaders from all over the world. This is an avenue for expanding networks and engaging in cutting-edge discussions.

Fostering an inclusive vision

8billionideas is dedicated to being at the forefront of education. We firmly believe that being inclusive is an integral part of achieving this.

For that reason, we value a broad range of representation in the EAB. To us, this is essential to our mission of giving every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world.

Shape the future

A group of world-class educationalists

The EAB includes some of the most influential educationalists and EdTech experts in the world. Our members come from around the globe and represent various industries, including academics, policymakers, and industry innovators.

Maryssa OConnor

Maryssa O'Connor

Senior Vice-President,
GEMS Education

Maryssa O'Connor, appointed as CEO of GEMS Wellington International School in 2018, transformed it into a globally recognized institution. As a Senior VP at GEMS Education, she influences educational strategy across the group.


Sir Clive

Sir Clive Woodward

Exec. Coach, Director of Sport, Apex2100

Sir Clive Woodward is the Rugby World Cup winning Head Coach who led England to glory in Australia in 2003. He has been the Director of Sport for Team GB at multiple Olympic Games, and is currently Director of Sport at Apex2100 Int'l Ski Academy.


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Dr. Linda Rush

Education Expert,
Min. of Education, UAE

In 2023, Dr. Rush became the 'Education Expert' at UAE's Ministry of Education, overseeing teacher training. Previously, as Global Director of Accredited Schools for High Performance Learning, she managed CPD services for 39 schools worldwide.


Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson


As the CEO of Apex2100 International Ski Academy, Chris excels in educational space design, team building, and fostering culture. With degrees from UCL and Oxford, he brings vast experience in education and business.


Anita Gleave

Anita Gleave

Chatsworth Schools

With extensive experience, Anita is the CEO of Chatsworth Schools in the UK and Blenheim Schools with international presence. Her achievements include awards for excellence, as she focuses on inclusive education for a brighter future.


Ann Haydon

Ann Haydon

Headmistress, Harrow Hong Kong

Ann Haydon serves as the Head of Harrow International School Hong Kong, a globally top-ranked institution since 2020. She is an accomplished educator with numerous awards and significant leadership experience.


Lisa Capper

Lisa Capper, MBE

CEO & Prin., Stoke on Trent FE College

CEO of Stoke on Trent FE College since 2022, achieved Ofsted good rating. Lisa transformed Nacro and was recognised for her work with an MBE. Her career spans civil service, academia, and advocacy for disadvantaged youth.


William Goldsmith

William Goldsmith

Head of St George's, Windsor Castle

With nearly two decades in UK Primary education, William is the Head of St George’s School Windsor Castle. He's passionate about skill-based learning, mental health, and outdoor education. William holds a Master's from Oxford University.


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Silas Edmonds

Ewell Castle School

Silas Edmonds (MA, NPQH) sits on the Board of Directors at The Society of Heads. He's the Principal of Ewell Castle School, promoting creativity and intellectual curiosity, and is also active in diverse and inclusive education initiatives.


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Iain Burns

Managing Director at Smartwaytodoit LLP

Iain is an experienced and creative executive in the IT industry. Passionate about teaching creativity, he is a Director and Trustee of the UK Creativity Centre Educational Trust. Focusing on sustainability, he authored the world's first paper on how IT can reduce global emissions.


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Wendy Parry

Assoc. Director HE, Shrewsbury Intl. School Bangkok

An experienced educational leader committed to fostering student well-being, academic excellence, and leadership development. Wendy has a passion for creating enriching learning and living environments, and is dedicated to merging technology with education.


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Brian Cooklin

RMD, Nord Anglia Education Europe

Currently the RMD for Nord Anglia Education’s Europe region, Brian has over 40 years of teaching experience, 25 of them as a School principal as well as managing a group of schools in India. He is passionate about education and all the opportunities it can provide for young people.



Adrian McLean

Dir. of Personal Dev., Wellbeing and Belonging, SAET

With more than 20 years in Secondary Education, Adrian currently serves as an Executive Leader within Severn Academies Trust, a Multi Academy Trust. In May 2022, Adrian was made an Ambassador for Character by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue in recognition of his work in this field.



Ed Lawless

Exec. Dir. at Qatar Foundation Pre-University Education

Edward Lawless boasts 35 years of global education management experience. He's held key roles in commercial as well as education organisations in various countries, emphasising international school operations, professional development, and EdTech innovation.


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Una Barras-Hargan

Primary Principal, Lusaka International Community School

Una, with more than 30 years globally in teaching and leading international schools, is the Primary Principal at Lusaka International Community School, Zambia. There, she is focused on diverse opportunities, fostering a holistic environment for student thriving.



Martin van der Linde

Head of School, British School

Martin van der Linde, is the Head of School at The British School Manila.

There he is championing lifelong learning with an active drive in pioneering initiatives in pedagogy, well-being, and global citizenship education.


Join the best educationalists in the world

This is a unique opportunity to connect with more than 25 like-minded individuals who share your passion and drive for creating a better tomorrow for learners everywhere. Join remarkable people like:  

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Sir Clive Woodward

Get an exclusive look at our latest solutions before anyone else, as well as the opportunity to provide your thoughts and feedback.

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Attend exclusive webinars and in-person events. This includes one gathering in the UK in spring and one in the Middle East in autumn.

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Name 3

Connect with other top education leaders from all over the world. Expand your industry network and engage in cutting-edge discussions.

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Connect with other top education leaders from all over the world. Expand your industry network and engage in cutting-edge discussions.