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Choosing a career path is not easy in our ever-changing world. That's why we hand-pick the 52 best jobs for the next 10 years. Learn more about jobs like E-sports Coach, Space Pilot, Virtual Identity Defender and much more. 


Facilitate discussions and decide on a career that will align with their passions.


Help your students prioritise the right skills to focus on with actionable outcomes.


Give your students aspirations and help them discover a path previously unknown.


The anatomy of a card

On each card, there is a description of the role and an indicator of the level of specialism or study needed to enter that career path. All the roles are linked to one of 5 key 'worlds of work', areas which the experts here at 8billionideas think will define our future.

Finally, each card also contains the attributes, characteristics, and skills a student might need to pursue that career path. Use these to show your students that they can enter industries they never thought possible!


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