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Solve work experience for all your students in hours

Award-winning solution to meet the Gatsby benchmarks

The Internship is a  work simulation that gives your students real transferable skills. For one student or for hundreds. Ages 14–18. 

✅ Save time and reduce per-student costs
✅ Minimise admin with easy health and safety checks
✅ Reduce the need to coordinate with dozens of employers



🏆 Awarded Sixth Form Colleges Association’s Enterprise and Employability Award

8billionideas’ programme The Internship has been awarded Sixth Form Colleges Association’s Enterprise and Employability Award, recognising its innovative way of offering valuable experience to hundreds of students.


Created by 8billionideas – a trusted partner to 100+ schools worldwide
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Simulated work experience – real-life skills

The Internship is a simulated work experience alternative for all types of students. Via interactive videos and worksheets, they practice working at a fictional agency, using their laptops or tablets. Have it be virtual, hybrid (in-person + virtual) or on-demand video.

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Provide access to all students

The programme is accessible to a wide range of students. Both those needing extra motivation, or those looking to boost UCAS applications.

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Achieve the Gatsby benchmarks

The Internship helps your school achieve the Gatsby benchmarks. Over a few days, it equips pupils with the experience they need to enter the world of work.

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Reduce costs and admin

Workplace safety checks can cost over £50 per student. The Internship is often a more affordable option. Plus, you'll save time with our minimal admin and DBS-checked staff.

How is The Internship different from regular work experience?

The Internship is a modern alternative to work experience. Students engage in a work experience simulation, working at a fictional events agency. Choose a 3–5-day programme, and let your students explore four departments – Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Product.

Choose to run the programme live virtually, hybrid (in-person in your school + virtual), or via on-demand video.

Achieve Gatsby benchmarks – just like with traditional work experience 👇

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How to implement The Internship

Many students can't sit in front of a screen for five hours per day.

We know this. That's why The Internship can be run virtual, hybrid, or on-demand video via laptops. Here's how you can implement it:

1️⃣ Run it for all of your students as a work experience alternative.

2️⃣ Offer it as a parent-paid programme to your parent-body.   

3️⃣ Book it for a limited cohort of students.  


Who is The Internship for?

The Internship suits students who lack the 'umph' and need extra motivation. But it also fits those looking to enhance their UCAS applications. In either case, they will learn broad skills that apply to any career. Be it mechanics, marketers, or medical doctors.

Students who haven't found work experience

Maybe they lack the connections. Maybe they haven't had any luck knocking on doors. Or maybe there just wasn't time. In either case, The Internship is for them.

Students who need extra motivation

We firmly believe that all students have an amazing imagination. But sometimes, it may take a new experience to channel that energy. This is where The Internship shines.

Students who live in rural or remote areas

Not all students live close to places of work. In those instances, travelling or finding a temporary place to stay may be tricky. In those instances, The Internship fits perfectly.

Hear what the students had to say

We're confident your students will love The Internship – but don't take our word for it. Hear what previous participants had to say 👇

Save time with easy safeguarding and minimal paperwork

The Internship isn't a traditional work experience placement, but a programme to let your students practice the real skills they'll need for the modern workplace.

Given that, there is no need for health and safety checks or risk assessments. Instead, rest assured that
all our staff are DBS checked and your data is protected in accordance with GDPR/DPA.

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'The Internship is a brilliant opportunity. Not only to get a meaningful work experience, to hit those Gatsby Benchmarks, and also to hit the numbers in college.'

Cat Jayne Elmes
Work Experience and Alumni Coordinator at Esher Sixth Form College



Choose between 3 different delivery options to find one that suits your school.

In-person (live)


In-person workshops and project-based activities right in your classroom.

Mode: In-person

Suitable for: 50+ students

✅ Portfolio

✅ Minimal admin

✅ Certificate of completion

✅ Student collaboration

✅ Live Q&A with employees

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On-demand (video)


Self-paced video modules and activity sheets. Can be school- or parent-paid.

Mode: On-demand video

Suitable for: 1–1,000+ students

✅ Portfolio

✅ Minimal admin

✅ Certificate of completion

❌ Student collaboration

❌ Live Q&A with employees

£49 / student

Hybrid / virtual (live)


Combines the flexibility of virtual and in-person learning. Can also be fully virtual.

Mode: In-person + virtual or fully virtual

Suitable for: 50+ students

✅ Portfolio

✅ Minimal admin

✅ Certificate of completion

✅ Student collaboration

✅ Live Q&A with employees

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Organise an award-winning introduction to the world of work today. For 1 student or 1,000. 

✅ Reduce the need to coordinate with dozens of employers

Save time and reduce per-student costs

Get dedicated support

Are you a student? Please note that this is not for individual students, but for educators who wish to enroll their students.