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⭐️ Unlock the world of work in a fun and interactive way

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Explore 50 exciting jobs 🚀   

Introducing students to the world of work is a crucial step in shaping their dreams and aspirations. But how can we make it exciting and engaging? That's where My First Job Kit comes in: 56 cards, including 6 activity cards, that ignite their imagination and plant the seeds of ambition. A captivating and immersive experience that sparks their interest in a fun and educational way.

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Unleash curiosity

Invite children to explore and discover a wide range of professions. From brave firefighters to brilliant scientists, each card reveals a fascinating world waiting to be explored.

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Inspire future paths

Introduce children to different careers at an early age. They'll begin to see the endless possibilities that await them, empowering them to dream big and pursue their passions with confidence.


Nurture key skills

Enable children to develop critical thinking and communication skills. They'll learn to think creatively, adapt to challenges, and work as a team. Skills that lay a strong foundation for their personal & professional growth.



'I had so much fun exploring all the different jobs in the world! It was like going on a big adventure! 🌍'



A card for every child 

We understand that every child is unique, with their own set of interests, passions, and curiosities. That's why we've carefully curated a diverse range of jobs that cover all types of preferences.  It's a wonderful opportunity for them to try on different hats, experiment, and uncover their true calling. Who knows what remarkable discoveries await them?


Harness the power of stories

My First Job Kit goes beyond simple descriptions of jobs. We understand that stories captivate young minds and inspire them to imagine themselves in different roles. Each card in the kit is packed with fascinating narratives, bringing professions to life through engaging stories.

Dive into 6 fun activities

My First Job Kit isn't just about learning; it's about having fun too! The pack includes 6 activities that keep children engaged and entertained. These hands-on activities bring the world of work to life, making learning enjoyable and memorable.


Spark imaginations, inspire futures, and empower your students to dream big!

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