Equip your students with science-backed tools for wellbeing

Give your students the keys to wellbeing through Thrive, a virtual programme offering proven mental tools for happiness.

Science-backed methods

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1 in 5 students worldwide have been diagnosed with a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression or stress.

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 As an educator, you’re overwhelmed with responsibility. This can make it challenging to support your students' mental health. But through Thrive, you’ll give them powerful mental tools that they can apply today.

An interactive virtual programme, live-streamed directly into your classroom


Day 1: Flourishing

Here students learn the foundation for positive psychology – how to discover their passions and develop resilience.

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Day 2: Coping

This day is all about mindfulness – students will learn about the importance of unwinding and how to effectively deal with emotions.

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Day 3: PERMAnently happy

On the final day, students get to apply lessons from the PERMA theory of wellbeing developed by Dr Martin Seligman at University of Pennsylvania. 

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The best way to give your students the keys to happiness

🕔 Time-saving

You’ve got enough on your plate. We’ll handle the entire process from setup to delivery, but you’re always welcome to participate!

🧪 Science-backed techniques

We’ll show your students actionable methods underpinned by established scientific research on happiness and wellbeing.

⚙️ Tools for life

Thrive gives your students a life map – a set of resources to use when things are tough, and positive strategies for improving happiness.

A fully interactive experience

Thrive is not a webinar. It’s an immersive, interactive experience that engages the entire class for up to 3 days – all depending on your needs.

We’ll set up everything in advance, ensuring that it flows smoothly. It's all live-facilitated by our British Facilitators, and you can opt for us to be there with you in person or have it be fully virtual.

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'8billionideas is a unique organisation – through their work, our pupils learn valuable life lessons which enable them to think strategically, creatively and independently. They are encouraged to face their challenges with determination and develop the confidence to believe anything is possible.'

Ann Haydon

Head of Harrow International School Hong Kong


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