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Hit benchmarks for:


Progress across year groups

Unlock your students' full potential with an organic progression from Year 4 to 13, giving them the skills they need for each stage. At the end of each year, join us for a virtual Celebration Day with other schools! 

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4 - 7 y/o

Building an awareness of health, the body’s needs, and self-awareness through play and exploration.


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Grow Together-1

7 - 10 y/o

Provide your students with a mental foundation and ensure they are ready for secondary school.

Sample lessons include:

What Is Stress?

What Is Mindfulness?

Digital Smarts

Future Frontiers-1

10 - 14 y/o

Help your students build emotional intelligence, foster resilience, and optimise their study skills.

Sample lessons include:


Social Skills Online

Body Literacy

Achieve Anything-1

14 - 16 y/o

Lay the groundwork for achievement, and show your pupils how they can best prepare for success.

Sample lessons include:

Memory Masterclass

Sleep For Students

Nutrition For Students

Be Remarkable-1

16 - 18 y/o

Time to get prepared. Ensure your students are well-equipped to enter university or the modern work place.

Sample lessons include:

What Is Performance?


Coping Under Pressure

Watch your students excel through 5 pillars of learning

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Live Better

Let your students learn from experts about how to best care for themselves. This includes nutrition, sleep, and health management.

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Move Better

Empower your students to bring their visions to life – whether that means winning a gold medal, acing an exam, or creating a piece of art.

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Think Better

A healthy body and a healthy mind go together. Help your students master brain fitness to boost wellbeing, balance, and focus.

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Eat Better

Empower your students to fuel their lives with nutritious choices, teaching them how food and drink optimise energy, health, and performance

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Sleep Better

Guide your students to master their sleep routines, and discover the keys to quality sleep for improved health and well-being.

Want a sneak peek?

Check out this sample experience from the Dealing With Anxiety. Also have a look at the accompanying Activity Material, designed to efficiently help your students understand their own decision-making process!

How it works

Directly informed by strategies used by Olympic athletes, Perform Better features engaging content presented by British Facilitators. With 6 engaging modules per year group, you can watch your students develop across Key Stages.



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Jump on a meeting

Join a short meeting with our team to help us better understand your school and its needs. Together, we can explore how Perform Better can help take your students to the next level.  

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Receive the materials

Get the resources you need. Including interactive videos, activity materials, teacher guides, and lesson plans. Plus, join an optional staff onboarding webinar.

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Roll out the programme 

Roll out the programme to your students and watch them progress. At the end of each year, join us for a celebration day with schools around the world.

Created in collaboration with

world-class experts



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James Hewitt

James has over 15 years’ experience working with  high-performing clients, including Formula 1 drivers and teams within Fortune 500 companies.

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Tag Lamche

Tag specialises in sensory-motor skills development. He has worked with organisations and elite athletes, including the British Olympic Association.

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Beki Mace

Beki is undertaking doctoral study at UCL Institute of Education, after a year as Research Associate at the University of Oxford Internet Institute Digital Ethics Lab.

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Dr Nick Dennis

Dr Nick is currently a senior leader in an independent school. He is a graduate of the University of Wales and Oxford, and is a Fellow of the Schools History Project.

Make your school stand out

8billionideas and Apex2100, an alpine ski academy where Sir Clive Woodward serves as Director of Sport, have come together to create a unique performance and wellbeing programme for every student around the world.

It focuses on key day-to-day facets, including sleep, nutrition, and brain fitness. Perform Better is an effective way to help young people face challenges around health, mental dexterity, and achievement.

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Be part of a global community of world-class schools 

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Students ❤️ Perform Better 

Perform Better is loved by teachers, parents, and – not least – students. Each student completed feedback surveys after each module and after completing the programme. We received an overall customer satisfaction score of 4.8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experiences are virtual learning sessions – or lessons – that are designed to be interactive and engaging. They allow students to fully participate and learn from the classroom or the comfort of their own homes.

A Modularised Experience gives the engaging and interactive benefits of our Live Experience, but with the added convenience of being able to access it on your own schedule.

It allows staff to pause, rewind, and review key parts of the material. That way, you can easily ensure students fully grasp the concepts covered with the added benefit that the content can be repeated at a later date in the academic year if you wish.


Our brilliant content team has worked hard to ensure that all of our experiences within our programmes are matched to Gatsby Benchmarks, as well as the Association for Character Education Virtues.

Yes! Perform Better is an excellent way for your school to enhance your personal and social development initiatives. It's a one-stop solution to improve – or maintain – your KHDA standards. 

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