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Be Remarkable features tailored content for each year group, catering to the unique needs of each age. Implement the programme across the entire Key Stage or focus on a single year group – it's up to you.

Be Remarkable 1.0

Year 12 / Grade 11

The year 12 programme supports students as they aim for unparalleled achievement in their lives. Whether they're focusing on acing A-level exams or planning their career trajectory, they will be set up for success.


What Is Performance?

Dealing With Failure

Sports Psychology

Preparing to Win


Coping Under Pressure

Be Remarkable 2.0

Year 13 / Grade 12

In year 13, your students will build on the previous learnings and prepare for entering the world of work or higher education. As they graduate, they will be able to create a vision for their future and a plan to reach their goals.


Project Be Remarkable 1.0

Project Be Remarkable 2.0

Project Be Remarkable 3.0

Project Be Remarkable 4.0

Project Be Remarkable 5.0

Project Be Remarkable 6.0

Want a sneak peek?

Have a look at this example of an experience from Be Remarkable on The Power of Flow, which assists pupils in comprehending the flow state and recognising which activities induce a flow state for them.

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Progress across year groups

Grow Together-1

7 - 10 y/o

Provide your students with a mental foundation and ensure they are ready for secondary school.

Future Frontiers-1

10 - 14 y/o

Help your students build emotional intelligence, foster resilience, and optimise their study skills.

Achieve Anything-1

14 - 16 y/o

Lay the groundwork for achievement, and show your pupils how they can best prepare for success.