Help your students build future foundations

Future Foundations features tailored content for each year group, catering to the unique needs of each age. Implement the programme across the entire Key Stage or focus on a single year group – it's up to you.

Future Frontiers 1.0

Year 7 / Grade 6

Boost your students' emotional and social well-being. Year 7 will help them get comfortable in their own skin, deal with emotions, master communication, and build a foundation for effective study skills.



What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Pro Social: Friendship

Dealing With Negativity

Dealing With Anxiety

Study Skills

Future Frontiers 2.0

Year 8 / Grade 7

In year 8, empower your students with the skills to lead a well-rounded and fulfilling life. This year, students will build on lessons about health, self-awareness, active and passive consumption, and how to learn.


Exercise For Everyone

Self Awareness

Active & Passive Consumption

Food Fuels Us

Social Skills Online

How Learning Works

Future Frontiers 3.0

Year 9 / Grade 8

Prepare your students for success in a rapidly changing world in year 9, exploring aspects like digital well-being, optimising learning, and the art of moderation. Equip them to thrive both online and offline.


How To Work Out

Food Brings Us Closer

Body Literacy

Aerobic & Anaerobic Training



Want a sneak peek?

Check out this sample experience from the Future Frontiers, for ages 10–14, Decision Making 101. Also have a look at the accompanying Activity Material, designed to efficiently help your students understand their own decision-making process!


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Progress across year groups

Grow Together-1

7 - 10 y/o

Provide your students with a mental foundation and ensure they are ready for secondary school.

Achieve Anything-1

14 - 16 y/o

Lay the groundwork for achievement, and show your pupils how they can best prepare for success.

Be Remarkable-1

16 - 18 y/o

Time to get prepared. Ensure your students are well-equipped to enter university or the modern work place.